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Tips to get Singapore Visa Online for Indians

Tips to get Singapore Visa Online for Indians

Singapore, known as the Lion City, is not just a “little red dot” on the map. Singapore is also one of the world’s most beautiful and greenest cities. There’s just something so pure and pristine about this beautiful country that it’s hard to describe in words. You have to travel to Singapore to understand what we’re talking about. However, before you plan your dream trip to the future city of Singapore, the first thing you must do is apply for a Singapore Visa for Indians. With our tips and guide on how to ace your Singapore Visa, you’ll be ready to make your dreams come true.

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Guidelines to help make your Singapore visa online application process smooth and successful:

  • You can apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa only one month prior to your intended trip to Singapore.
  • Indian Nationals holding normal Indian passports need to apply for Singapore e-Visa to enter Singapore. On the other hand, Indian Nationals holding diplomatic, service and official passports do not need an e-Visa for entry.
  • There are different types of Singapore visasnamely tourist, business, work, student and so on. The type of visa you apply for will depend upon your purpose of visit and eligibility
  • Singapore visas are generally issued for multiple entries. It has a validity up to two years. However, the validity of the visa is completely at the discretion of the Singapore High Commission. On each visit you can stay for up to 30 days.
  • The Singapore High Commission does not accept individual applications. You can only apply for the visa online through authorized Travel Agents and Strategic Partners, one of which is
  • The Singapore visa is an electronic visa (e-Visa), the process of which is completely online. There won’t be any stamps or stickers attached to your passport. You will receive the visa copy via email, which should be printed and carried along with your travel documents.
  • The documentsrequired to apply for a Singapore visa are; original valid passport, photograph, cover letter, bank statement and return flight tickets. For business trips, you will need an invitation letter from the host company. A personal cover letter with details about your occupation. Additional supporting documents may be required depending upon your purpose of visit.
  • After successful submission, your Singapore e-Visa application will take 2 to 4 working days to be processed. These working days do not include weekends, public holidays and the submission date. Your application is not guaranteed to be successful. It depends on the Singapore government’s rules and regulations.
  • The Singapore Visa feeas well as the service fee are non-refundable regardless of the results of your application. Even if you withdraw it after submission, the fee cannot be refunded too.

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