Ministry Of Education & Private Education Sector Recuitments

Education is a lifetime investment made by an individual to nurture his/her well-being and tends to be carried out in his/her area of interest. Teaching is categorised among the most respectable professions, since it helps the individual inculcate good principles and morals, and promotes the growth of the students and the guide, both at the personal as well as at the professional level. The quality of education delivered to the pupils in any country largely depends upon the class of teachers available. We, at WIMPACS hold specialisation in the recruitment of qualified faculties for recruitment in the Ministry of Education, and Private Sector Educations/Institutions etc.

During the last few years, we have provided expert recruitment solutions to our overseas clients in the sector of education and have completed several major projects of various renowned universities and academic institutes. We have, so far achieved supreme expertise in the placement of teaching professionals in the educational institutions, viz., Professors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Researchers, etc., in the major departments of Medical, Life Science, Pharmacy, Allied Health, etc. Our main expertise is to provide qualified and experienced academicians holding deep knowledge and interest in the field of education, research and development. We have vast experience in the placement of Indian professionals possessing excellent academic background in the Middle East countries for higher Faculty positions.

We provide recruitment assistance for the following

Faculty/College of Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics)
• Faculty/College of Architecture & Design Engineering
• Faculty/College of Industrial Engineering • Faculty/College of Dentistry
• Faculty/College of Applied Medical Science (Physiotherapy, Lab Sciences, Radiology, Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition)
• Faculty/College of Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Physiology, Orthopedic, Microbiology, Biochemistry)
• Faculty/College of Nursing (Pediatric Nursing, Community Nursing, Medical & Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing etc.)
• Faculty/College of Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
• Faculty/College of Language & Literature (English)
• Faculty/College of Business Administration
• Faculty/College of Pharmacy

We have huge vacancies available for the academic sector. Interested candidates may check the latest job updates in the Job Gallery and send their CR/ Resume to:[email protected]

Are you wondering why your Dubai visa was rejected after you applied? A visa rejection can be absolutely devastating to you when all your hopes and dreams were wrapped up in that decision. A small mistake can hinder the visa approval process and get your Dubai visa application denied. Travel plans are spoiled and the hopes of being reunited with distant friends and relatives are ruined.

Many people travel to Dubai every year. Be it a tourist, business or to settle in the country as an expat, the number of visa applications received by UAE authorities every year is phenomenal. Applying for a Dubai visa is nerve-wracking, even for us. We are just advising you to be aware of a few things in case your Dubai visa gets rejected because you know you cannot control certain situations; instead of planning an action to deal with such situations later, why don’t you think now? Also, it is always wise to know the basic visa rules and regulations before applying for the visa.

Read on to know the common reasons for Dubai Visa rejection.

  1. Incomplete Applications

Applications with incomplete or false information, passports with less validity left, damaged passports, pending documents, a mismatch between the date of arrival on the form and date of travel on the air ticket and such errors can result in rejection. Moreover, discrepancies in information provided on the application form in comparison to the details available on the passport can also cause visa rejection.

  1. Single Woman Traveller

A Woman below the age of 25 years travelling alone may experience a delay of approval or even visa rejection. Dubai follows a strict law of not approving woman under the age of 25 years travel without parents, relatives or guardian.

  1. Overstay on your last Dubai Visa

If a visa applicant overstays during his/her previous stay in the United Arab Emirates can face delay or rejection. Many a times people visit Dubai for tourism and continue to stay in UAE even after their visa expires, this Is considered as overstaying – which is subject to fines and consequences.

What happens if you continue to stay in the UAE beyond the grace period and if you are unable to settle overstaying fees? Any one of the following things could happen:

  • Your name will be blacklisted
  • Face an Immigration Ban
  • You could go to jail for up to 3 months
  • You may be issued a deportation order
  1. Handwritten Passports

Handwritten passports are not accepted anymore not only in UAE but in any other country in the world. Applicants having the same name, date of birth may face delay in the visa processing or even rejection with much review.

  1. Errors in the application

If the paperwork you submit for the visa, have typos or errors in a number(s), name, spelling, codes, and other important details like date of birth, passport issue and expiry date, you might face rejection.

  1. No Previous Cancellation of a UAE Visa

If you previously held a residential visa and while leaving the country for good failed to get it cancelled, then the authorities will deny your application for a tourist visa. In this case, a person’s previous residence visa will need to be cleared in the UAE immigration department.

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  1. Previous Visa Application Without Entering the Country

If you have previously applied for a Dubai Visa but did not travel. There are also people who have a potential employer who applied for an employment visa for them, but they did not enter the country as well within the timeframe of the visa validity. In this case, their previous visa should be cleared in the immigration first by a PRO or agency before they can apply for another.

  1. Blurred Photograph or Passport copies

If the photocopies you attached to your application are blurry or the photographs are not clear enough, the UAE authorities will surely delay your visa if not reject it.

  1. Profession in the passport

Dubai visa may get denied if the mentioned profession is “unskilled” as per their criteria. The UAE authorities are known to deny a visa to farmers, laborers, and the like.

  1. Previous Criminal Offence

Applicants who have a record of criminal offense, misconduct, fraud, or the likes in the UAE will have their visa applications rejected by the UAE immigration. UAE and Gulf countries follow a common black list to keep offenders away from entering the country.

  1. Similar Identity in the family

You might have to face a visa rejection or delay if you are traveling with family and multiple people of your family have similar names or date of birth in the family. For instance, if a family of five file their paperwork together and two people share the same name or date of birth, then they might have to clear that up before getting an approval.

There may be other factors that could result in a Dubai visa refusal, but many fall within the parameters of the above mentioned. If you want to have any hope of getting that refusal overturned, or a second application approved, here are some of the things that you can do to avoid rejection:

  • Make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity while applying for Dubai visa.
  • Ensure that all the fields are filled correctly. Avoid any kind of factual or spelling mistakes.
  • All the documents that you submit should be valid.
  • Make sure that your previous visa is not valid before applying for a new Dubai visa.

The final decision about approval and rejection of your Dubai visa rests with the Dubai Immigration. If you are unsure about the visa application process, it would be best to rely on a travel agent to do the needful. They are professionals who have the right training and knowledge to guide you in visa application.

We have you covered

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