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10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Glitzy Dubai is the city of high-rises and mega structures. It’s a city that has transformed itself from being the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, adored by millions of visitors. Today, Dubai is no longer just a desert but destination du-jour, where visitors flock for shopping, sunshine and entertainment. For a first time visitor, the grand Dubai is all about the malls and the high rises. However, the city holds some of the best places to visit in Dubai to witness the real beauty of Dubai.


So, without much ado, let’s explore some of the best places to visit in Dubai to make your Dubai trip a memorable one.

  1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of its kind marine park in the world. This 48-meter long aquarium introduces you to the unique and exquisite marine life that includes sharks and glowing jellyfish. The Dubai aquarium opens to the public at 10 AM in the morning but it sees the maximum of the visitors after evening.
This place is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. On the weekends, the aquarium is open till 12 midnight to accommodate more visitors. As an added advantage, the fun lovers and the adventurous ones can also enjoy deep sea diving and take a closer look at the marine life.

  1. Atlantis at The Palm

Atlantis is one of the dominating structures of The Palm. This exotic hotel is a rich man’s paradise as a night here costs $8154. For those who want to experience the grandeur and lavishness of this place designed in the style of the ancient city of Atlantis, need to be there to witness it. If you don’t want to stay in the suit, you can still take a look at the architecture as the huge aquarium runs up through the centre of the establishment. This part of the hotel houses ‘the ancient ruins’ along with a vast array of fish, sharks and stingrays.

The aquarium is designed in such a way that you can enjoy it from the hotel’s many walkways. There are multiple restaurants and bars inside Atlantis and the choice of menu ranges from Italian, Japanese and a Bread Street Kitchen by the legendary Gordon Ramsey himself.

  1. Burj Khalifa

The pride of Dubai tourism Burj Khalifa’s observation deck offers gorgeous views of Dubai’s skyline at any time of the day. When you visit the topmost floor of the world’s highest building in the night, you’ll get to enjoy the amazing skyline illuminated with lights in every angle. Burj Khalifa is open for the visitors till 11 PM and it is a lovely treat to enjoy the cityscape on a full moonlight.
Spending the evening here is worth it as apart from enjoying the glorious views you also get to enjoy High Tea along with dates before you start on the lift to the 148th floor of the building. The observation deck itself has a plethora of refreshments at SKY Lounge that you can enjoy standing on the top of the world, 555 meters above the ground.

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  1. Dubai Fountain

Do you remember the magical fountains from Las Vegas? So if you cannot see that spectacular fountain show, then where are you supposed to go? Yes, right here in Dubai, has a fountain show with the same beauty and grandeur.
Dubai fountain charms its visitors with an amazing sound and light show. This show starts at regular intervals of every 30 minutes. During this sound and light show you can enjoy the dancing water on the fountains creating amazing shapes.
Located in the Fashion Parking of Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain starts at 6 PM and runs up to 11 PM every day.

  1. Nasimi Beach

At The Palm, the Nasimi Beach complements the backdrop of Atlantis with its stylish appearance and beautiful lighting. Nasimi Beach is one of the greatest and the most unique nightclubs of the world and the only one in Dubai where you can party on an artificial beach that goes 7 kms into the sea. This beach is one of the best attractions in Dubai.
The best part of visiting Nasimi Beach is that it offers something for everyone for 24 hours in a day. You can spend sipping cocktails while dance to the tunes of electronic beats till 3 AM in the morning.

  1. Golf at Faldo Golf Club

Faldo Golf Club is one of the premium golf clubs of Dubai that offers an 18 holes golf course. The best part is that this golf club is open until 12 AM-midnight when you can enjoy a session of the game under the starlit sky.
Faldo is spread in a huge expanse, the landscape of Faldo is one of the toughest and requires heave endurance to get through. The golfing experience here is completed with stylishly designed bunkers, along with freshwater and salt lakes around. A majority of players visit Faldo Golf Club after the evening and especially during the full moon nights to enjoy this spectacular attraction in Dubai.

  1. Diving at Fujairah

Underwater diving is fun. But you know what is more exciting? Well, it is to have the same diving experience in the ocean during the night. When the night starts to fall, the diving site at Fujairah invites adventurers to take a jump deep in the water and experience the glowing world of underwater life.
The East Coast of Dubai is a paradise for the diving lovers but the night diving is only allowed for those who have a certification in diving. You are expected to carry your own swimwear and diving gear but it is available on request as well.

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  1. Textile Market

Just behind the Dubai Museum, the textile market presents a unique and authentic glimpse of the city. The market’s vibe hasn’t changed in ages and is hustling & bustling with traders and shoppers. You can give your Dubai Shopping fever a slightly different touch as you get to buy some genuine merchandise imported straight from Persia and other Middle Eastern countries. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, there are high chances of grabbing some of these goods on heavy discounts. It’s one of the most recommended things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival.

  1. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum has a unique concept as it depicts various wax figures that recreate day to day activities of general life from the past. This museum is located in ‘Al Fahidi Fort’. This fort was once an important part of the city’s heritage and was considered of strategic value. Those who wish to know more about Dubai’s history and lifestyle, they need to visit this museum for a detailed knowledge and tour. This museum takes you through the time in the lanes of Old Dubai.

  1. Gold Souk

One of the most popular and well known souk of Dubai is the Gold Souk. It features walkways that are lined with a variety of jewellery shops that sell precious pieces that are made of silver, gold and other precious stones. Situated just a hundred yards from the Al Ras Metro Station in Deira, it is a must visit Souks of Dubai.

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