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The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Malaysia

5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful (and the most visited!) countries in the world. It’s one of the most sought-after destinations across the world that lures visitors from all the corners of the globe. A tourist spot with considerable number of scenic spots to explore, Malaysia is also popular for its intriguing activities and great historical places. But what many tourists fail to see when they visit are the beaches of Malaysia. The coastline of Malaysia is dotted with stunning island and expansive beaches. Although forgotten by many travel guides, the beaches are among some of the best in the world. Truly, Malaysia, littered with chalk dusted beaches, can offer you an enchanting experience. You are sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring the country’s unspoilt coastlines.


Going on a holiday to Malaysia and want to know where to find the best beaches? Here we offer you top 5 of the best beaches in Malaysia.

  1. Kapalai Island Beach

Situated just a little bit away from the amazing Sipadan Island, the Kapalai beach is popularly known to be one of the most interesting beaches in Malaysia. It is a superb Island on the South East coast of Sabah, the Malaysian part of Borneo. In fact it is more of a sand bank than an island!
From amazing adventures of scuba diving to beautiful experiences at the sea, you will get everything in the Kapalai Islands. The place boasts of an amazing luxury resort too. There aren’t many habitats on the beach and that is the reason why people visit this island for some peace and relaxation. Come over for a quick drink at the sandbar here. You will surely love it.

  1. Sipadan Island Beach

Sipadan Island is a scuba-diver’s paradise. It is an oceanic island sitting a short way off the southeastern coast of the state of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. Sipadan is a world class dive destination which Jacques Cousteau once described  as ‘an untouched piece of art’. There are amazing species of marine life which include the amazing barracuda, whale sharks, beautiful parrotfishes, turtles, and many others. After careful observation, you will be greeted with the sight of the turtle tomb that is covered with limestone caves. There is no accommodation on Sipadan. The island is reached by boat, either from the coastal town of Semporna or one of the nearby islands (see Mabul and Kapalai).

  1. Rawa Island Beach

Think white sands, crystal blue waters, pastel blue-and-white beach huts and even an adorable island dog. Located in Johor, the Rawa Island Beach boasts endless activities like exciting water sports and snorkeling along coral reefs. It’s idyllic beach and azure blue waters make this island irresistible for travelers who are seeking a quiet, secluded getaway. An interesting fact to note is that Rawa Island is a Sultan’s den, owned privately by family members of the Sultanate of Johor. If you wanna experience how it’s like to stay on royal property, Rawa is the next best alternative.

  1. Lang Tengah Island Beach

You can also explore the amazing beauty of this small yet elegant fishing village that has an excellent collection of marine life. Lang Tengah island is a picture perfect tropical island: fine white sand, swaying palms, and water that is so clear, it’s like swimming in a massive aquarium. The island is covered with virgin rainforest while its sandy, boulder strewn shores are a portal to a breathtaking underwater world. You will find the most beautiful and exquisite examples of coral reefs in the Lang Tengah Island in Malaysia. The island, recognized by the blue-colored, placid waters of the sea and the white sand on the beaches, is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. The amazing adventures at the beach include scuba diving, snorkeling. You will get to spot varieties of sea animals such as rays, fishes, turtles and much more.

  1. Redang Island Beach

Redang Island is an astoundingly beautiful island, adorned and embellished with natural wonders above and below the surface of the sea. The island is upmarket and is an ideal getaway spot for those looking for the perfect combination of exclusion and adventure. Located on the Southern side of the China Sea, this particular island is known for the abundance of marine life that is found in here. The lively collections of coral reef are one of the major attractions of the island. They are so close that you can actually see them from the shore. The sandy white beaches and the calm and cool waters are the best things about Redang Island Beach.

Which is your favorite beach in Malaysia? Are you thinking of planning a trip to Malaysia already? You’re now equipped with heaps of fabulous tips to make your vacation amazing! Whether you’re looking for fab places to “let it all go”, or to keep it in but sip on something delicious while you do, you’re now armed with prized information! That said, if you need a guide to customize your next trip, giving you the best of beachside living, then drop us a line! Akbar Travels will be glad to offer you all-inclusive Malaysia tour packages with the best discounts and a wide selection of services. We’re more than happy to make your next Malaysian vacation an amazing one! Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

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