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The 15 Best Blogs for Job Seekers

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Reading blogs can give you a really great insight into the world of careers and recruitment. Whether you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect cover letter, or a more general introduction to using social media in your job search (and everything in between), there are plenty of articles out there that can help you.

What’s more, these blogs are often written by recruitment insiders whose advice and tips can make the difference between success or disappointment. By learning how the experts manage interviews, careers and even their personal brand, you can learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd and stand out in the right way.

Most blogs provide an opportunity for you to sign up to their mailing list, so their advice is delivered straight to you. Be selective with those you sign up for, of course, and consider setting up an email folder specifically for blog emails, then set aside a period of time each week to actually read them.

We’ve read a lot of job-search blogs and picked 15 of the best we think are most useful for those looking for work:

1. Guardian Careers

Best for: Advice from a wide range of experts. Real-life stories and examples. Very comprehensive.

Why you should read it: As you would expect from the Guardian, this is a top-quality blog that is jammed full of insightful advice and ideas. It’s really comprehensive and a great place to start researching just about any aspect of job-seeking. Features a lot of first-person stories that are really inspirational, often with examples which challenge stereotypes about particular jobs or career paths.

Examples of postsApprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers: why I changes career late in lifeCharity careers: how to get a job in the third sector

2. Undercover Recruiter

Best for: Breadth of insight. Fun.

Why you should read it: A light and accessible blog that nicely balances genuinely sensible advice with a bit of fun. Posts are sorted by topic, which is useful if you just want to read about a particular theme – social media or interview tips for example.

Examples of posts8 Photos that should NOT be on your LinkedIn profileHow Tech brings HR and Marketing together

3. Social Hire

Best for: Social media in recruitment. Tips from recruiters.

Why you should read it: Social Hire is a specialist social media marketing agency focused on the careers and recruitment industry. This means that the advice they’re publishing in their blog is coming directly from recruiters – they have a lot of guest posts. The focus is on social media and ‘doing things differently’, which is interesting and well worth a look.

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