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Wimpacs Research & Analysis Reports

Actions taken by Wimpacs to shine the spotlight on legal immigration issues and advocate for a fair process for immigrants


The Flow of Immigrant Fiancés to the U.S  l  How the H-1B Work Visa Program Has Evolved Over Time  l  International Student Trends 2023  l  How 9/11 Changed U.S. Immigration Policy  l  The 2022 State of New American Citizenship  l  Black Immigrants: Challenges, Impacts, and Status  l  COVID-19 and Immigration  l  Challenges and Opportunities Facing DACA Recipients  l  The Cumulative Impact of Trump’s Restrictive Immigration Policies  l  USCIS Fee Hike: How Immigrants Are Affected  l  Top 10 Surprising Facts About Family-Based Immigration  l 


Wimpacs Public Comment on USCIS Fee Hike  l  Wimpacs Public Comment on Affidavit of Support on Behalf of Immigrants  l  Over 120 Wimpacs Leaders Oppose Public Charge Immigration Rule as “Devastating” to Business  l  Wimpacs Public Comment on Public Charge  l  Wimpacs Comments on Unlawful, Burdensome Changes to Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony  l  Wimpacs Comments on Impact of Current Immigration Policies on U.S. Military Members and Veterans  l  Wimpacs Public Comment on USCIS Fee Rule  l  Wimpacs Files Public Comment Opposing “Unlawful, Defective Citizenship Application Changes”  l 


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